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Please help me with the sweet look!

I am going to do a photoshoot of myself dressed in a baby blue sweet Lolita dress, and I don't know how I should wear my hair and makeup.

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Makeup Help?

hiya pretty and frilly  people

i have a school play and i am wearing lolita in it i need makeup tips fast
it needs to be able to stand out
and i have hair past my shoulders that needs an idea of what to do withit for the show.
also it cant take long
(im wearing classic goth kodona i normally wear gothloli so i want to look a bit of a mix)
plz help

I did my hair, makeup and my nails.

My makeup is very minimal.
I only use spot consealer, press powder, lipgloss and red eyeliner.

Many other pics in here of couseCollapse )



I dont usually advert but

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Serious Help Here.

I recently shaved my head due to the extremely hot hot hot summer. I recently bought a wig. or should I say I recently got my ex to buy me a wig. I went from this. To this. And then I had my ex buy me the wig, which looks like this on me. Don't excuse my bra on my head. It's not human hair so I have to be really careful with it. How can I make this a loli wig when need be? Any Ideas? Thanks ahead of time. EDIT: I fixed the pictures. Sorry. New to livejournal.

Hime Hair!

Well I figured out how to do hime hair with my hair cut~!

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My friend recently cut my hair and now I don't think I can do hime hair ever again ;__;!!
look at it ;___;!!Collapse )


just some make-up!

and does anybody have any good moisturizer to recommend? I might just get some prescription stuff but I'll consider others as well! I have to constantly use treatment for my acne, which dries out my face incredibly. The moisturizer I currently use doesn't help as much as I'd like it to, at least when I try to put make-up on. :[


Hair test for lolita, opinions needed!